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Providing best business VoIP solutions to call centers in India 

VoIP Terminator (VT) is a product of BL marketing Inc, a subsidiary of BL Group International. We are the most sought-after destination for call center and VoIP services in India. We are specialized in offering high-quality unconditional calling locally and internationally in cost-effective rates.

Call center software offered by VoIP Terminator India 

We provide best call center software solutions and specialized in providing customized solutions to many small and large scale businesses that suit their needs, for example, Optimizing VoIP through IP-PBX & Predictive Dialers with unified communications.

Significantly, start-up call centers can take multiple benefits in terms of setting up costs since we offer complete end to end solutions and assist them in establishing the best point of contact for their calling needs.

Contact center services for International calling 

VoIP Terminator is bringing the latest technology to offer high-quality voice communications to people all over the world. When you will use our International VoIP calling services for your contact centers, it would become easy to call several popular destinations at an incredible low charge to any other phone on the planet.

Resellers program- Sign up

VoIP Terminator has also established a resellers program that enables Value Added Resellers (VARs), brokers, agents, dealers, and distributors to serve small and medium companies. You are invited to explore our VoIP partners and resellers program, through which you can avail access to different partnership tracks.

We will help you run the setup successfully by building a strong business friendship based on our advanced Ringless voicemail solutions, wholesale VoIP termination service and latest technology available! Click here to discover our newly launched VoIP Resellers Program.

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